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Post  R.Hilleard on Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:38 pm

I have no idea about this one, but it does sound interesting, especially as somone we know from the Military is involved Wink
The idea of a government agency controlling people with special abilities for military and/or intelligence uses is in fact inspired by real-life experiments of the US government, particularly the long-running Stargate Project.

This is taken from some promo page

You think government-trained psychic spies are a bunch of hooey? Col. John Alexander would like to politely disagree.
In the movie Push, civilians with psychic powers—people who can manipulate thoughts, see the future, or toss objects with their minds—find themselves on the run from a shadowy government agency intent on using their beautiful minds for military purposes. Pure Hollywood hokum, right? Slow down.
Retired Army Colonel John Alexander—once a Special Forces commander in Vietnam—knows differently. You see, he was once one of the key members of Stargate—a U.S. intelligence agency designed to prove that psychics could be more effective Cold War weapons than spy satellites or wire taps. The most unsettling part? He was right...

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